Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dillard School District FOIA – IFT Soliciting Phone Bankers

IFT (Illinois Federation of Teachers) is recruiting via school district emails to solicit phone bankers in support of Kirk Dillard. They are paying $12/hr while the phone bankers are considered “volunteers”.  Read More →

Dillard School District FOIA – Dillard/Tracy

The following emails were received from the Dillard/Tracy team via the district servers, a district employee signed up for these emails using their district email. Email #1:  [From the Dillard Campaign - video did not show] Bruce Rauner. Wrong for Illinois. Help spread the word and and let your friends in Elizabeth know the truth about Bruce Rauner. Share... [Read more...]

Dillard School District FOIA – Individuals Electioneering?

The following emails were sent from individuals to other individuals via the district email servers: Email #1: Warren, No one can dispute that Bruce Rauner is a wealthy man. He makes more in ONE HOUR than a minimum wage worker makes in ONE YEAR. But there is nothing wrong with being successful. What is troubling is when someone as wealthy as Rauner... [Read more...]

Dillard School District FOIA – IFT

These emails were sent from the IFT to it’s members: Email #1:  [Endorsement] Dear IFT leaders: Moments ago, I stood before the media in Chicago to reveal a major IFT election decision. After much discussion and consideration, the IFT Executive Board has endorsed State Senator Kirk Dillard for the Republican nomination for Governor on March... [Read more...]

Dillard School District FOIA – IEA

There were several emails sent from the IEA to it’s members in the school districts. Below are some of those excerpts: Email #1: Feb. 14, 2014 - Springfield, IL -Saying this year’s election is too important to remain on the sidelines, Illinois Education Association (IEA) President Cinda Klickna today announced that IEA is recommending... [Read more...]

Dillard School District FOIA – Illinois School News Service

The following excerpt is from Jim Broadway’s  Illinois School News Service.  [I will not link them directly since this is subscriber only content] You will see straight politics and endorsements in some of these emails.  Yes, many of the school districts pay for this service with taxpayer dollars.   Volume 20, Number 7, February 19, 2014 At... [Read more...]

Dillard School District FOIA – Introduction

Over the weekend I received a email from a teacher discussing the emails flowing into their school district and to other school districts across the state. From that I decided to FOIA all the school districts across the state requesting emails with the keyword Dillard since Feb 13th. Here are a few answers to questions that some of the districts have... [Read more...]

Grayslake Schools Raises Property Taxes While Handing Out Bonuses

The Grayslake School Board voted 4-2 to raise their levy and thus taxes on homeowners. But what surprised the roughly 70 citizens in attendance, Superintendent Ellen Correll announced she made the decision to use Federal Jobs Money (stimulus) to dole out bonuses to many other teachers and administration. The attendees in the audience were overwhelmingly... [Read more...]

IL State Senate passes school choice bill

The Illinois State Senate passed legislation to allow students in poorly performing Chicago school to receive a voucher to attend a private school. This is great news for the children of Chicago. However, it should be expanded to the entire state. All children deserve equal funding, not just some kids in Chicago. It is time to start funding the child... [Read more...]

Fox News Chicago on Illinois Pensions

Below is the story and my interview on Fox News Chicago tonight on Illinois pensions: UPDATE: The Illinois Legislature passed some semblance of pension reform tonight. See more details at Illinois Review.  Read More →