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Illinois Homeschooler Beware Virtual School Bills

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The Illinois Legislature has introduced 2 bills that could affect homeschooling in the state. Hat tip: Susan at Home Education Magazine and Illinois Review for both of these bills.


Synopsis: Creates the Illinois Virtual School Act. Establishes the Illinois Virtual School as a statewide virtual school to serve Illinois students in kindergarten through grade 12 and Illinois teachers and other educators, to be funded through an annual State appropriation to meet the operation and capital needs of the Illinois Virtual School. Sets forth provisions concerning fees, accountability, online courses, access and equity, a Board of Trustees, the powers of the Board, and the transition from the existing State Board of Education program. Effective immediately.

This bill has language specifically stating home schoolers. This is a dangerous step for home schoolers since they are classified as private or non-public schools in all other state laws.

The second bill is HB 2248 allows a school district to have a remote education program.

Amends the School Code. Allows a school district, by resolution of its school board, to establish a remote educational program. Defines “remote educational program” as an educational program delivered to students in the home or other location outside of a school building that meets specified criteria. Provides that days of attendance by students in a remote educational program may be claimed by the school district and shall be counted for general State aid purposes in accordance with the State aid formula provisions of the Code. Effective immediately.

The troubling part of this bill below:

(6) The remote educational program is at all times under the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or other responsible adult identified in the approved remote educational plan. The parent, guardian, or other responsible adult may engage only in non-teaching duties not requiring instructional judgment or the evaluation of students. The parent, guardian, or other responsible adult shall be designated by the school district as non-teaching personnel or volunteer personnel.

If you see these bills as a danger to home schools please contact members of the
Elementary & Secondary Education Committee

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