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132nd Carnival of Education

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I am honored to host the 132nd Carnival of Education. Carnivals are festive events with roller coasters, slides, games, and food. There is always something for everyone. You get to pick and choose according to your tastes. That is how I view the Carnival of Education; a place where all education related views are shared.

It is my opinion that no post should be excluded just because you don’t agree with it. This divergence of ideas is what makes this country so great. We can disagree and yet debate civilly about them. It is this debate that will produce innovative solutions to aid in the education of this and future generations. It for this reason that I have posted all entries that are education related. I have not excluded anyone. If your post is missing, it is truly unintentional and I will correct that by putting your post at the entryway to the carnival.

UPDATE: Next week’s carnival will be hosted by The Red Pencil. You can email Vivek your posts at theredpencil [at] gmail [dot] com or you can use this handy submission form instead. You can visit last week’s midway down at Education in Texas. If you are interested in taking a daily whirl around the edusphere, sign up or just visit Edusphere.US.

I also would like ot include one special request. is asking for help in getting Freedom of Information (FOI) procedures and costs from across the country. If you know that information for your school district please update that information.

It’s time to enter the carnival; explore, learn and debate to your heart’s content. If you enjoy suprises, click the House of Mirrors button below and be randomly transported to one of the Carnival links. Enjoy!

To kick off the debate and hopefully set the energy level to high, read this controversial post from Extreme Wisdom that asks the question, “Is Public Education in America Even “Legitimate?”


14 Responses to “132nd Carnival of Education”
  1. Jose says:

    Hey, thanks for hosting this carnival. I gotta drop by your site more often. Peace …

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks for mentioning Teen Literacy Tips! I’ve added Education Matters to my blogroll.

  3. Vivek says:

    Nice post! Congratulations.

    Another thing I noticed: This carnival has over fifty submissions! Sounds like a lot of work :) I’ve go to do it next week, as I host the Carnival at The Red Pencil .

    You can submit via the submission form referred to above or at my mail id theredpencil [at}


  4. Judy Aron says:

    Great Carnival – lots of wonderful links
    Thanks for including me too!

  5. Thanks for mentioning my post. No one realizes how outlandish my suggestion is more than I. Anyone who reads it should take it with a grain of salt. Still, I would love a chance to see how it would result.

  6. ms_teacher says:

    great job hosting the Carnival! Thanks for including me.

  7. Frumteacher says:

    Great carnival! Thanks for the work you put into it!

  8. Jacque Dixon says:

    WOW… Great carnival!
    I see you included a couple of my daughters’ articles…
    Amanda’s and Jocelyn’s…
    They’re pretty smart cookies, aren’t they?
    ((((Mom beams))))
    Thanks! We had been talking about entering this carnival…
    you did a fine job.

  9. Oh….I like your commenting rules. I’m entertaining the thought as well.

    I’m going to have to find a cool spot to begin going through all of these postings. It’s hot, hot, hot here in Dixie!

    Thanks for hosting the carnival and for linking to me.:)

  10. The Radical says:

    Thanks a TON for a great Carnival that must have taken you TONS of time to put together! I appreciate the time tthat you put into getting everyone’s post into your piece….

    Nicely done!
    The Tempered Radical


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