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Chicago Public School Tax Curriculum

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If you remember, back in early May, I had a report on the Teacher and Student rally asking for more money from the State. To refresh your memory, the Chicago Public Schools bused in thousands of students to be a part of the rally. They claimed it was a civics field trip in which they had lessons teaching students about school funding before the trip.

I asked for the curriculum used at the time. I would like to share that with you now. It was finally sent to me after I believe my third time requesting it. It is linked below for your review. You will find that it is the standard dogma spewed by the teachers’ unions, schools are underfunded, Illinois is 49th, we spend less than other urban areas, etc. The lessons being taught here were propaganda. It was a biased used of selective facts for the students to use at the rally.

CPS Tax Curriculum:

Since this was a field trip, the classroom lessons, the buses, the teachers, the substitues, the security officers, and administrators were taxpayer funded. This propaganda trip cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars.

This is just one more reason to stop funding the bureaucracies and start funding the child.


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